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Executives at Work

It is no simple task to carry the burden of the community. Quite frankly, it's never been a task designed for one individual or group. It takes the collective interest of concerned people coming together to accomplish a task greater that what they could do alone. This is the synergy needed to cause our community to flourish again!

The New Saint Paul Community Development Corporation is leading the way in our community by presenting opportunities for our neighbors to get involved! Are you interested in getting involved? Here's how you can help!


We want to hear your perspective! Join us for regularly scheduled community meetings and events! They are open to the public and all are encouraged to attend!


Everyone does better when we do it together! Use your gifts, talents and skills to help make this community better! Sign up to serve and support one or more of our upcoming community events!


Your financial donations are always helpful in providing us program support! Though we endeavor to secure outside grant funding for our major program efforts, every cent helps us to provide quality community-based programming!




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